Angus and Julia Stone Top 10 Songs

Angus and Julia stone concert  Berlin

First song I heard for Angus and Julia Stone was ‘The Devil’s Tears’ five years ago. Since then, I listened to every song they have ever released. The uniqueness and pureness of their voices and the transparency of their lyrics will never fail to capture you. I fell in love with this duo immediately and the decision they took to split up a while back really made me sad. Good thing they came to their senses and reunited again because they just complete each other musically. I travelled to Berlin last year just to see them in concert and I can’t believe I will be seeing them again this coming Tuesday in my own country Lebanon! Below are some pictures of the Berlin concert I went to and a list of my favourite Angus and Julia songs.


Track list

1- Old Friend

2- Draw your Swords

3- The Devil’s Tears

4- Silver Coin

5- Just A Boy

6- Santa Monica Dream

7- For You

8- Wherever You Are

9- And the Boys

10- Mango Tree

And I added 2 more because I couldn’t resist

11- All This Love

12- Babylon

What is your favorite song for them? Share it with me! Enjoy the concert! Xx

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